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Home of the World's #1 motorcycle Lock-in Stand!

Arthur J. Bachner II
420 W, North Ave.
Olney.Il. 62450
Fax:1-618-393-6177or click on link below to E-mail.

The Bachner Motorcycle Lock-in Stand is the safest way to lock-in your motorcycle for transporting in a pick-up or any trailer.Our exclusive 7 point lock-down system is designed to stabilize the motorcycle while in transit. Made of top quality aluminum and weighs only 90 pounds it is easy to handle. Sets-up in minutes and folds for storage for the next trip.

TWO MODELS to choose from. Our Motorcycle Lock-in stands are the best in the world.
Our Patent design and 15 years of Motorcycle moving experience we have put together the Bmls-1 and the Bmlsb-1. Motorcycle Lock-in Stands which will lock your Motorcycle in any trailer or full size pick-up bed in minutes to safely transport your motorcycle.
The Blms-1 includes logistic and tie down capibilities to easily fit any trailer or pick-up and securely locks it down for transport.
The safest way to move your Motorcycle.

Bmlb-1 Motorcycle Lock-in Bracket System For Commercial use Fits all Trailers with E-Track
310.00 per Unit.

Bmlb-1 For the Moving Industry> see Photo Page

Motorcycle Lock-in Stand
895.00+ Frieght

Bmlsb-1 (381.00)
Delivered Nationwide
Lock that hog in!!

e-mail to aries-bikerallyinc@onemain.com
350.00 Bmlsb-1

The Motorcycle Lock-in Stands will accommodate all
production built motorcycle. Designed to fit in any
trailer or full size pick-up bed. Bmlsb-1 & Bmls-1 are the safest way to transport your motorcycle.
Bmls-1 Cost: Eight Hundred Ninety Five 895.00 + tax + shipping. Motorcycle Lock-in Stand Bracket Bmlb-1

ThreeHundred Fifty 350.00

Simply roll in your bike and strap it down, and drive away, no worries.
Motorcycle Lock-in Stands are built of top quality
aluminum,and weigh 90 lbs.& 32 lbs. for easy handling.


Blmsb-1 // 381.50 Delivered Nationwide !!!